Waggy™ Brush | Double-Sided Lint, Dust and Short Hair Removal Brush for Clothing

Waggy™ Brush | Double-Sided Lint, Dust and Short Hair Removal Brush for Clothing

Timeless, true and tested, use the Waggy™ Brush, to seamlessly remove short hair and fur, dandruff, lint, dust, and other similar particles off of your clothes in an instant. This handy device is easy to carry, store and use at a moment’s notice. Simple, easy-to-clean and eco-friendly. The perfect gift choice for the pet lover and clean person alike, The Waggy Way℠! 

  • Product Highlights

    2X Quicker & 2X Seamless Use

    • Timeless, tried, true and tested double-sided design
    • Provides twice as fast and twice as seamless results to remove loose lint, dust and short-hair particles

    Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

    • For best results, always glide the brush away from yourself (against the grain) instead of towards yourself (with the grain) 
    • Easily clean the brush by grabbing the collected particles off of the micro bristles in one swipe from top to bottom or vice versa 

    Works on Multiple Surfaces

    • Works excellently on clothing, upholstered furniture, beds, pillows, linens, various fabrics and thin carpets, baby car seats and adult car seats made out of fabric and oither similar surfaces
    • Less effective and/or won't work on smoother and hard surfaces, such as formica, wood, tile and concrete as well as moist and wet surfaces

    Eco-Friendly, Sturdy, Durable, Long-Lasting, Reusable & Cost-Effective

    • Built with strong, durable and environmentally friendly materials
    • No need for batteries, sticky adhesive tape or paper refills- save your money with this resuable, long-lasting, manual brush 

    Perfect Pocket Sized Gift for Pet Lovers and Business Travelers

    • Excellent pocket sized gift for those on-the go as this easily fits into carry-on bags, backpacks, purses, glove compartment and your pocket.
    • Whether you're heading into a meeting with a large crowd or joining a small group on Zoom, stay camera and stage-ready with this perfect tool for last second cleaning touchups
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