Waggy™ Gloves | Comfortable, Durable & Flexible Pet Cleaning & Grooming Mitts

Waggy™ Gloves | Comfortable, Durable & Flexible Pet Cleaning & Grooming Mitts

Wear these durable, slip-on gloves with adjustable wrist straps to comfortably clean and groom your fur-friend. These top quality mitts are laced with breathable mesh material that is water and soap-friendly and contains flexible silicone tips that create a soft to the touch massage feel that effectively brush away dirt, grime, dust and loose hair and fur from cats, dogs and other animals. Give your pet the taste of a spa treatment, The Waggy Way℠! 

  • Product Highlights

    Flexible & Efficient

    • Contains 260 flexible silicone grooming tips per glove (520 tips in total) that imitate your tactile touch to provide a relaxing and efficient cleaning massage
    • Efficienly tackle the hard-to-reach places such as your cat's or dog's face, tail, belly and legs to easily remove dirt, grime and loose hairs

    Bath-Time Brush & Hair Remover Alternative 

    • Use this waterproof brush and hair remover alternative to pick up loose hairs off of a variety of animals including curly, short and long-haired dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, pigs and more
    • Loose, wet and damp hairs easily stick to the silicone tips to create a smooth, cleaning bath time environment for your fir-friend

    Sensitive Skin-Friendly

    • Made with enviromentally friendly materials that are great on sensitive skin types and prevents damage to the skin
    • Even the silicon rubber tips ensure a gentle massage and grooming without painful removing of hair and fur or scratching the skin (pro tip: spray a bit of water on the silicone surface for more effective usage)

    Adjustable, Breathable, Comfortable & Easy to Clean

    • One size fit all with an adjustable wrist strap to provide a comfortable fit for different sized hands and a five-finger design for greater motion and movement
    • Back of glove features a breathable mesh texture to provide pleasnt air flow and water drainage during cleaning and grooming

    Great Glove Set Gift For Pet Lovers

    • Includes Two Blue Waggy® Pet Gloves: 1 left-hand and 1 right-hand, left-hand glove is customized for those who are left-handed
    • Great gift choice for those who love cleaning their favorite fur-friend or those who love to groom dogs, pets and other animals 
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